Emma & Tim Belleek Castle

Introducing Emma & Tim at Belleek Castle

Tim and Emma are well matched. They both love a good challenge; Tim told us that on their first date, they went out biking. He promised he would go easy on Emma… but he sped off … she was catching up, he went faster, she was still there. He went even faster, she was still there and when they stopped, she coyly replied “thanks for taking it easy on me”!


With living now in Australia, they wanted an Irish Castle wedding with hunting dogs, knights in Armour, chandeliers and pigs on spits. So, they chose the stunning Belleek Castle in Co Mayo. Emma and the girls got ready at Mount Falcon, so cute to see Emma’s dad reaction to seeing her in the wedding dress. The ceremony took place at Belleek Castle with the crumbling walls and rustic feel matching the laid back vibe which was filled with laughter and sincerity.


A magical day means magical photos, with shots in woodland, ‘sound of music steps’, archways and turquoise water which were a stunning contrast to the burnt orange in Emma’s hair and bouquet. Indoors the entrance hall, galleon bar, staircase, followed by family photos and some time-out for Emma and Tim to enjoy the magician. The speeches with off the cuff crowd participation ending with Tim doing a lap of the room on his mini bike. But later on, you could see it was only about the two of them, when they danced to “All of Me”. What a magical day.


Florist: Balla Florists

Magician: Shane Black

Videography: LimeLight

Wedding Band: Electric Circus