Autumn Wedding at Tankardstown House

Autumn Wedding at Tankardstown House


How amazing – to shoot an autumn wedding at Tankardstown House.  But the icing on the wedding cake, is when it’s for your own family.


Ali was very controversial when she confessed that I was her fav aunty.  It was a given then that I was the chosen Tankardstown House wedding photographer on the day!!!  So for me, it was a balance of making sure my lovely couple got amazing wedding photos at Tankardstown House and I got  to party the night away.


With the help of an amazing photo team – Anna and Dearbhla, I think I managed to get the balance just right!

Wedding Ceremony at Tankardstown House

Ali is a “girly girl”, I don’t think she would mind me saying that.  So I knew she was going to be the dream bride, and she certainly did not disappoint!  To see my nephew Stephen blown away when she reached the top of the aisle at Tankardstown House proved romance like the movies is possible.


Ali has had her own personal journey with her mum only recently deceased and some health issues herself.  We were all rooting for them both to have a dream real wedding at Tankardstown House.


Emotions ran high at the ceremony, Ali had a part of her mum’s wedding dress sewn close to her heart and Stephen insisted he have a photo taken at their hand crafted remembrance tree, highlighting his grandad.  But I think for me the real ‘catch my breath’ time was to hear my sister in law Clare sing alongside Ian, her son-in-law on guitar.  Making the ceremony so personal.


Then, when it came to speeches, I can safely say everyone gave their all; authentic, hearfelt, funny and way over time!!! Poor Sandy from Men in Black was waiting patiently to get the band going!!!!


Before the first dance we squeezed in some nightime sparklers at Tankardstown House.   And for pure divilment, being close to Halloween,  some fake fog for nightime photos at the Tankardstown House gates.


wedding day details at tankdardstown house wedding

One of my favourite photos on the day: both Ali and Stephen’s parents had kept their first pair of shoes and brought them to the wedding.  These little feet have walked into each other lives,  started a new journey together as husband and wife.    We would  all like to walk in their shoes, just to experience the feelings they have for each other.


The wedding Dream Team include:

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