Dublin City Centre Weddings

Dublin City Centre Weddings


Its true, we shoot a lot of weddings in many of the popular wedding venues in Ireland.    But we so love the vibe of Dublin City Centre Weddings.  Its the chance to wander the streets of Dublin, absorb the living culture.  With a stop along the way to shoot in nice light and iconic parts of Dublin.


Our Dublin streets have so much to offer with georgian architecture, urban alleys, famous parks such as Stephens Green, Iveagh Gardens, Fitzwilliam Park.


And its the uncontrolled spontaneity of Dublin City Centre Weddings.  Look at those smiles on Leonie and Danny when the Luas whizzed past them!


My lovely couple had a low key ceremony at the Dublin City Registry Office and took a casual stroll with me through the streets and parks of Dublin. Their end point was to celebrate with a family dinner at the Mansion House.

And Leonie chose a fab wedding outfit – something a little different.  She certainly got lots of compliments and thumbs up by the passers by we met on our little Dublin adventure.


I wish this cool couple every happiness and I am sure when they walk in Dublin City Centre, they will be reminded of their cool Dublin City Centre Wedding.