Hollywood style wedding at Rathsallagh House

Hollywood style wedding at Rathsallagh House


I knew this was going to be a glamorous Hollywood style wedding at Rathsallagh House.  But, when my first photo of the day consisted of the lads floating in the jacuzzi, I knew, it was going to be fun and a bit tongue in cheek, pardon the pun!

As poor Rory our groom told me later, he was wondering who this woman was who came into the groom prep room at Rathsallagh and took his socks.  But then realised we were the official Rathsallagh House wedding photographers for the day.

The girls were busy in the bridal prep room, with hair and make up, music and prosecco.  A typical girls dream morning.  Niamh shocked me when she told me she bought her dress online and hadn’t even tried it on before.  So, when I saw how beautiful she looked, we had to do a few Hollywood style Grace Kelly photos before we left for the first look in the Orangery.


With the weather quite poor we did the first look inside. Niamh joked about the long dramtic walk down the hall of the Orangery to meet Rory.  He was truly blown away by how beautiful she looked.  Then, it was all systems go and we pulled out the recliner chairs from the spa area in Rathsallagh.  We felt the neutral colours and plain walls looked so lovely for them as a backdrop.


Then, all the families joined us for some photos and were brave enough to come just outside the door. Its a great idea for late winter weddings to enjoy the first look at Rathsallagh House early along with family photos before the actual ceremony.  You can enjoy more of your time with guests later at your drinks reception.  Mary O’Mahony was the celebrant and fessed up to everyone how both these lovebirds met.  How Rory totally put Niamh off the scent on their romantic trip to Paris during Covid.  She thought he might propose but just when she felt it was not going to happen, he surprised her.  As they said themselves their ethos is to never take things too serious and share precious moments together.


After a few drinks and feeling the warmth of the chats with guests.  The pair of them came out to the nearby tree rather than the oak tree as the grass was so wet.  They enjoyed the banter with their bridal party and in the darkness threw some romantic shapes together!!!  In true Hollywood style wedding at Rathsallagh House.

Then, it was a dramatic entrance to napkin shaking, champagne towers and dancing from then on.   With her dad literally a cowboy, I was wating for some lassoing to happen on the dance floor too.

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