Wedding at Virginia Park Lodge

Wedding at Virginia Park Lodge


I should have know when an Army Officer and a Gym Owner get together to celebrate their wedding at Virginia Park Lodge.  It wouldn’t be just the usual of bridal prep and groom confusion on the morning of the wedding at Virginia Park Lodge.


More like lots of action and laughter at their wedding at Virginia Park Lodge.  Its not every day your photos of the groomsmen are of half naked bodies!  But Johnny did what Johnny does best, just had fun with the lads.  And that involved stripping off, and jumping into a freezing lake.  Each to their own…..


While Claire, our bride equally determined to get her steps in, went out for a quick jog before the girly morning of make up, shoes, jewellery and wedding dress time took hold.  The only evidence we had of her early morning jog were her muddy runners which lay beside her fabulous velvet vintage wedding shoes.


A wedding at Virginia Park Lodge is quite magical;  the moment you enter the low key driveway, you know its going to be a bit alternative.  The decor in the rooms are just so creative and different.  But the main focus for me were the staff are just down to earth and friendly.  Yet we knew it was classy.   You are going to be spoilt rotten and with a michelin star chef, you can only expect the best.


Claire and Johnny really blew us away with their sense of style.  The whole look of shoes, jewellery, wedding dress, groom suits just complimented the outdoorsy, vintage, country vibe of a Wedding at Virginia Park Lodge.  And we were all so impressed to hear Claire did not spend a fortune on her preloved dress.  In fact, her wedding was current.  A sustainable approach.  WIth her wedding being autumnal how better to show that, then use the autumn leaves as place cards.


So with the photos in mind, we felt Autumn was the theme of the day.  And focussed on using the colours around the grounds of the different trees as our theme of the day.


The ceremony room was jammers, with maybe 300 guests, so as you can imagine the room was buzzing. And then to make it even more exciting, our guard of honour did their thing and we were amongst military uniforms, with well polished shoes and shining swords.  The lads couldnt resist lifting up Claire outside after the ceremony at Virginia Park Lodge.  But Johnny our groom stole the show.  He proved he had no problem lifting Claire all on his own as they walked back from their copule session to enjoy their wedding reception.


This couple were in a nutshell ; genuine, not looking to be any different in their photos.  I enjoyed just seeing them awkward and laughing about it but so so happy.  Happy to be there to celebrate their love and see their friends and family  So their phot0s reflect who they are, a fab couple in love.


So I give them the official salute. mission completed.  I hope they had the day they dreamed and planned so well.  It certainly looked like they did from their wedding photos at Viirginia Park Lodge.


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