Christmas Wedding at Darver Castle

Christmas Wedding at Darver Castle

A Christmas Wedding at Darver Castle is a great way to start the festive season off. John asked Sequoia, their first child to pop the question to Shannon in 2019.  And together with their other little girl Zariah planned their wedding day celebrations.


With a close connection to Shannon and John, it was lovely to be asked as wedding guests on the day.  A first for me to hold a pornstar martini in one hand and a mirrorless camera in the other!  The cocktail didnt deter myself and Dearbhla from thoroughly documenting their wedding at Darver Castle.


They were blessed to have their wedding ceremony in the newly extended ceremony room at Darver Castle.  And with the weather so mild, their families were happy to have wedding pictures outside in the gardens of Darver Castle.  Shannon and John luckily timed their couple shoot to a winter sunset, with a backdrop of a golden sky and dewy grass.


They got back indoors to enjoy the drinks reception at their Christmas Wedding at Darver Castle along with some great speeches and hearty dinner to follow.


The day was filled with laughter and fun.  John that morning had received a suitcase with his passport and some camouflage gear in case he wanted to do a runner.  While Shannon just had great fun with her 2 girls and bridesmaids.


But the best surprise occured after dinner.  All the guests were asked to come outside to create a sparkler tunnel.  The guests had no clue that this lead straight into surprise fireworks at Darver Castle.


There were also some cracker moves on the dance floor afterwards too!


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