Outdoor Wedding at Station House

Outdoor Wedding At Station House

Outdoor Wedding at Station House for Sophie and Jake.


Sophie, a girl after my own heart, wanted an autumn wedding at Station House with a theme of champane and neuturals.


Did anyone say Champagne !!! yes, please….




To see the joy on her bridesmaids face when she got that bottle of champagne open in the bridal prep room at the Station House.   Meanwhile, pure mayhem with the lads in the signal box, ironing shirts even looking for shirts, and remembering how to tie a tie, since covid, yes, none of us remember that skill.



But it all came together and Sophie and her entourage were lucky enough to have their dream outdoor wedding at Station House,  Always so magical to see the bridal party walk through the woods to the outdoor turntable at the Station House.


We heard that Sophie has always been a bit of a wedding fan and in 2019 before she even met Jake, she had sent a link to her potenttial bridesmaids of some bridesmaids dresses!!  So I hope her vision for the day came together as planned.



Our main brief was to capture some photos of them both but to get them back in time to hear the sax player and thankfully we completed the brief.  And it was so worth it, as we documented her dancing with her grandparents.  Her grandmother had just celebrated her 90th the day before.  And I can tell you these grandparents were well able to dance.  I could see the love around from both Sophie and Jake for their family.  With guests spanning the age of a few months to 91 years old.



Jake tells me Sophie is fond of a good lie in – so I wonder if Sophie got a lie in the next day?


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Other suppliers on the day include: