Kayla & Shaun Belleek Castle Wedding

Belleek Castle Wedding at The Wild Altantic Way

What better way then to combine a trip from USA, Cleveland Ohio to the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland with your close family.   And then to get married on the last day of the holiday.  A true USA elopement to Ireland for my lovely Kayla and Shaun.


In the last three years there were a lot of obstacles in their way incuding Covid and a new baby, But, they travelled over in March to Ireland with their own parents and their two lovely kids – Mannix and Charlie.  With a big surprise of Catherine, Kayla’s sister travelling in that morning from the States and rocking up to see her before the ceremony.


This couple appear to love all things Irish.  Shaun had one of the biggest shamrock tattoos on his arm I have seen and his dad wore a great Irish pubs tshirt that morning.


I was looking forward to photographing them at their Belleek Castle Wedding but also around the West of Ireland.  With me being a Dublin photographer I did a photo reccie around the Wild Atlantic Way the day before and found some amazing spots such as Killala and Downpatrick Head Cliffs for their destination wedding in Ireland.


On my reccie tour, I drove past the cutest miniature Thatch Cottage with good luck horseshoe on the front door.  I stopped the car and asked this “Bog Oak Family” would it be ok if my American bride and groom drove up their driveway in their Vintage wedding car the next day and have a photo by the cottage.  With Ireland being the home of a thousand welcomes, of course, they were delighted.


So, after their lovely spiritual ceremony at their Belleek Castle wedding, Kayla said she was quite tired from an already busy touring week, that she did not want to travel far from the Irish Castle.  But agreed to go to the thatch cottage and thank god she did –  As my lovely “Bog Oak Family” had re-thatched the roof that day after my request especially for them.  How lovely is that.


Kayla and Shaun were excited to see that they had a real bog oak tree in their garden and authentic stone walls and bogland near by.  They had already bought some bog oak during the week and Shaun had spent his week photographing stone walls.  Kayla said he was obssessed by them!!!


Meanwhile back at Belleek Castle, the family enjoyed the museum tour of Irish Ancestory.   When we got back, we also photographed in the Castle museum.  With another stone horseshoe archway that my newlweyweds enjoyed a kiss under for good luck.


Indeed, I wish this fabulous American Irish Couple all the luck in the world. I hope they enjoyed their Belleek Castle Wedding and that they are so glad they travelled from USA for their true Irish wedding.


Go n-éirí leat! Good luck!

Flowers: Balla Florist
Wedding car: U2R1