May wedding at Clonabreany House

May wedding at Clonabreany House


Truly life moves at a fast pace.  Sarah was not too long ago a cute girl in pigtails and in a blink of an eye, she has turned out to be a cuter bride.


No pigtails though were seen for her May wedding at Clonabreany House; only a beautiful glamorous hollywood curl.  Her mum Jane goes back a long way with me.  At the wedding at Clonabreany House, she was given the title of “Line Dancing Jane” and that is how I know her best.  As my line dancing teacher from Wicklow….   And over the years, she would bring her kids along to some of the hoe-downs.  Keith, their youngest son used to be a child asleep on the couch.  So was crazy to see him honour his dad Jimmy and walk Sarah down the aisle at Clonabreany House.


The bridesmaids all got ready at Nanny Plunketts cottage, a lovely rural cottage 5 minutes from Clonabreany House.  The girls took a stroll around the little cottages nearby and enjoyed a breath of fresh air before putting on their beautiful dresses.   Sarah then moved from the cottage to Clonabreany House by the famous black taxi.  So in the last hour, she put on her wedding dress at the bridal room in Clonabreany House and celebrated with a bottle of champagne.


Mike and the lads meanwhile were getting ready at the Clonabreany courtyard.  They were delighted to be close to the Snug bar for a confidence booster pint.


Clonabreany House seemed to be the perfect backdrop for their wedding day.  With lots of young kids in the wedding party, they were free to run around in the gardens and enjoyed seeing all the horses and cattle grazing nearby.


I had never met Mike before, and I could see he really is a nice guy.  Sarah had told me he has the most amazing smile, that makes her happy everytime she sees it.  I could see why, he really did not stop smiling all day.  And Sarah is just a lovely kind person, a real genuine soul, just like her mum.  As the saying goes, the apple never falls far from the tree….


It was a dream come true to be there to see them celebrate their wedding at Clonabreany House and they were both blessed with the most amazing sunset.  They were good enough to leave their desserts on the table to participate in a a few photos at sunset.  Then, back out again after speeches for some pure mayhem of wedding sparklers.


The sparklers did not outshine their happy faces I can assure you of that fact.  They celebrated their May wedding at Clonabreany House in full lock and load mode.


The wedding team includes:

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