Savannah & Gannon Dublin City Engagement Photoshoot

Fabulous Fall Irish Engagement Shoot

Excited to be shooting this Irish engagement shoot for the lovely Gannon and Savannah!


Gannon and Savannagh met in January 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. About a year after meeting, Gannon was visiting his family in Jacksonville, Florida when he was driving back to Atlanta and stopped at a rest stop. There was a dirty, white, large, but very skinny dog waiting patiently in the rain. Little did they know, this was their very first baby! Penny (named after a lucky penny they picked up that night).


Gannon and Savannah went on to move to Savannah, GA to start their new life. Gannon is now attending Trinity College of Dublin’s MBA program which is why they are now enjoying their time in Ireland and I was lucky enough to shoot their fall engagement in St Stephens Green Park in Dublin’s City Centre.


They will wed in 2023 at The Station House Hotel in Co. Meath. We can’t wait for their beautiful day!