Autumn Wedding at Millhouse Slane

Autumn Wedding at Millhouse Slane

As Dave, their celebrant so nicely put, these two lovelies managed to swipe right and find each other.  Then, followed a romantic proposal using her mum’s ring at Merrion Square at Christmas time.   They got to the point where they planned their Autumn Wedding at Millhouse Slane.



But it wasn’t just about them, they are now a gang of three, with their beautiful son Daithí.  They were so looking forward to the autumn wedding at Millhouse Slane. As Tomas, said he considers Nicola a supermum, while Tomas is the superdad who knows every song and artist and has quite the dance moves.



While Nicola is renowned for her lateness, there was no excuse this time, as Tomas was amazing minding their son before the wedding ceremony at Millhouse.  He was caught on camera giving Daithí his breakfast alfresco, from the car.  Yet, still had time for a pillow fight in the room with his groomsmen and as I like to call her, his groomsmaid.


As we photographed Nicola in the fab bridal prep room at Millhouse, we could see a guest sketching a scene from the old Mill.  Such a nice gift to give to the bride and groom as a souvenir of their Autumn wedding at Millhouse Slane.


After a really fun and intimate wedding ceremony performed by the amazing talented Dave and some really quirky songs from the Cazettes.  My happy wedded couple walked down the aisle with their guests throwing some handmade confetti and using the musical sticks that Nicola had planned for the day.


Nicola’s mum had peach roses in her wedding bouquet so it was only fitting that Nicola did the same for her Autumn wedding at Millhouse Slane.


After some amaziing wedding photos at Millhouse Slane, Nicola and Tomas sat back to hear and participate in the wedding speeches outside before enjoying their meal and fab gluten free wedding cake.  With lots of dancing including some dance moves under the twinkly lights outside.  It was time to freely dance the night away, with Tomas showing his awesome dance moves…


I wish this lovely couple and Daithí all the happiness they deserve.


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