Hanne & Stian Clayton Hotel

Clayton Hotel Wedding Ballsbridge

Hanne and Stian chose “All you Need is Love” by The Beatles for their recessional song at their Clayton Hotel Wedding Ballsbridge and they totally had that going on for their Clayton Hotel Wedding. They planned an Irish-Norwegian wedding to perfection.


Hanne and her bride tribe got ready at Clayton Hotel for the wedding. Hanne’s dress was just stunning – the only issue she had was making sure her underwear was not visible! So Hanne had a few attempts to get it right with purchases from Norway to even Brown Thomas in Dublin. But, she totally aced it. Their son Alf looked so cute in his traditional Norwegian cap and suit.


The wedding ceremony took place in Thomas Prior Hall to the lovely sounds provided by Dublin String Quartet. It was so nice to have Hanne’s uncle who baptised her in Madla come over to perform the ceremony.


Hanne and Stian had planned an interesting afternoon!  They suprised the guests by heading off in a horse and carriage provided by Holly Ward. They travelled over to Herbert Park and met Alf there who got some quality time with his mum and dad in the playground. A great photo op. Then, Hanne and Stian headed over to Searsons Pub for a well deserved pint of Guinness.


Meanwhile the guests enjoyed their drinks reception outside at the Clayton Hotel Wedding Ballsbridge to the great sounds by the Kooky Ukes. And once our amazing bridal party and couple came back, it wasn’t long before they headed into Thomas Prior Hall for their dinner.


This was where the Norweigan style wedding traditions kicked in. There were so many speeches that took place during the meal. And to make it even more interesting, if the guests decided to chant and clap their names, the couple either stand on a chair and kiss or crouch under the table and kiss.


And at the end of the evening before the cake cutting and dancing starts, it gets a little crazy with everyone standing on chairs singing and making lots of noise. Didn’t matter what age you were, everyone got involved! As our Norwegian is not up to scratch Hanne translated some of the song to me and its last few words were:


The song of praise must run
From soprano to bass-e
So use everything in your bag
Now the tribute should happen!


Hanne and Stian even managed to take some timeout for a few nighttime wedding photos at Clayton Hotel. A nice time when everything quietens down and you can have the amazing building as your backdrop.


Then back to the madness with the Poorboys playing for their evening entertainment and I hear there was even a DJ for later, so it can’t have been an early night for these two.