LeShan & Jason Kilkea Castle


What better time of year to elope to Ireland for a Kilkea Castle Wedding than for Saint Patricks Day! LeShan and Jason got in touch with us by email as they loved our work and asked us to be a part of their intimate wedding at Kilkea Castle. The pair of them came over from Tampa, Florida. LeShan is Cuban and Spanish and Jason is Italian, Sicilian, Cuban and Spanish. So I bet they know a bit of latino dancing. Their son Lucciano Robert (goes by Lucky) was so adorable.


LeShan is a low key kind of girl and we loved how when we arrived for the wedding at Kilkea Castle she was just wandering around the Castle chatting calmly to anyone she met. When she decided to go up to get ready, I went up with her and we took her dress out of her case and hung it up! Then, she told me she was gonna take a shower and put on her make up and pin up her hair, that simple! And wow, when I saw her dressed, she looked stunning.


The pair of them had travelled over with about 10-12 of their family who were all waiting downstairs in the castle for the ceremony to take place. We loved the Irish touches they had carefully chosen for their dress attire. They all looked stunning. After the intimate ceremony, we asked the group out for a photograph by the castle. They laughed and told me they were frozen, as in Florida, they are used to very high temperatures, but it didn’t stop the fun and laughter, they were all so good humoured.


LeShan and Jason, came down to the walled garden and around the beautiful grounds of Kilkea Castle for some couple photos. They were so serene and happy, we really enjoyed photographing them. We then headed back to the Castle so they could mingle and enjoy spending time with the family. Then, they headed in for dinner and we left them to enjoy their time in Ireland. A dream come true to have an elopement in Ireland for these latino lovers!